CAD (computer aided design) is the use of computer software to create, modify, and document a design or a reversed engineered part. Using CAD software allows for quicker turn around in design and a ability to keep electronic copies of all the documentation with great organization. We use AutoCAD and Inventor to implement the CAD design. These programs allow both 2D and 3D design with the ability to use most major file formats. The documentation can be printed out to a 22 x 34 (“D” size) paper size in color or black and white.

We offer machine design using Auto-CAD.

File formats: Dwg, Dxf, Pdf, etc.

Our plotting capabilities are:
8 ½ x 11 Color or B&W
11 x 17 Color or B&W

17 x 22 Color or B&W
22 x 34 Color or B&W